We have intimate understanding of the stress, the uncertainty and the confusion that any individual or company may experience when they either cannot afford, or prefer not to deal with a solicitor. We endeavour to give you access to objective advice and support that can be trusted, at a price you can afford.

Our team members have spent over 15 years in the legal sector – both in firms and in-house. Alongside robust litigation experience, we are also commercially astute and have a wide range of technical skills. This is why we made a list of everything that can be done to pass the benefit of reduced cost to our clients.

No Offices – We Come To You

We work from home – thus do not have the associated cost. Face to face contact is very important in our relationship with a client. You can meet us at our registered address in Cheltenham town centre, at your office or any other mutually convenient location. In some cases we offer home visits. Currently this is subject to government’s guidance on social distancing and we monitor the situation daily.

In-house Marketing

We are lucky to have a team member who is a lawyer and a qualified marketer. This unusual combination ensures that we have a marketing strategy that gets implemented without the cost of outsourcing to a marketing agency.


We simplify, explain and demystify the law and the legal system, including the language; this includes the Court forms, procedures and Court Hearings, as well as the way we communicate with you, both verbally and in writing.


Modern technology is at the centre of our firm. We offer remote support via email, Skype, teleconferencing, chat and SMS. Our clients can be anywhere in the world and still benefit from our services (may be subject to call charges).
You can select to have our conversations with you recorded, and if you wish be provided with an audio file to keep. Our clients frequently want to recap and to remind themselves of specific parts of our meeting, or to listen to the discussion with their friends and family. We do not charge for this part of our service.
Personal touch is at the centre of our client care – we are non-judgemental, sympathetic, reassuring and cheery. We aim to fill you with confidence and put your mind at rest.


Our service is affordable. We offer options to spread the cost by way of minimum monthly payments. We can also consider assisting you on an agreed, capped fee basis, depending on the complexity of your case.
We do not hold your file until all costs are paid. You are entitled to your full file whenever you wish – in fact, it is also shared with you in real time whenever your case progresses, thus enabling you to see your documents and to seek other opinions elsewhere – anytime. It is your choice and you remain in full control of your case.
We only charge for the work we actually do carry out, such as attending Court, drafting letters and documents, or filling in forms. We do NOT charge for travel time (unless very long distance), waiting, reading your documents, for legal research or indeed, for drafting a bill.